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Osaava App Oy
Aleksanterinkatu 16, 2 krs., FI-15140 Lahti, Finland


Ville Kulmala 
Technical support and sales

Tel. +358 50 5644 773

Timo Viento
Sales and marketing

Tel. +358 41 536 4127

Jyri Paasonen
Research, development, training

Tel. +358 45 257 3488

Thomas Salokangas
Technical architecture, integrations

Tel. +358 400 834 991

Janne Murtomäki
Managing Director
Technology, implementations

Tel. +358 400 742 358

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The expertise behind Osaava CERC

Osaava CERC is developed by the former Generics Finland Oy, who changed the official company name into Osaava App Oy in the beginning of 2021.

The development of Osaava communications platform has proceeded continuously since 2007 in close co-operation with our key customers. As of 2018, the Osaava platform has been available for both private and public sectors.

The team behind Osaava CERC represents a strong experience in IT business, product development and security management.

In our values we embrace the strong Finnish virtues of social cohesion, equity and collective responsibility of well-being.