Usage costs

The price of SMS messages is set ‘per sent message’, because a message is sent via several operator backbone networks in order to secure the delivery. The cost of an e-mail message is based on the maintenance work for information security and activities to secure the delivery (e.g. minimizing firewall-related risks).

Messages from OsaavaAlarm app: EUR 0
Email: EUR 0,01/pc
SMS: starting from EUR 0,10/pc

Group chat at OsaavaAlarm app: EUR 0
Group phone calls: EUR 0,12/minute

Pricing examples

Energy operator with over 200 professionals in various locations.

Automated fire alerts, access gates and on person panic buttons.

  • Integration with automated fire alert system, entrance gates and personal panic buttons.
  • Used in alarms and deviation notifications.
  • Automatic alarms from different systems to plant personnel, management, guests, outsourced guards and authorities.

Monthly cost: EUR 459
Training and other costs: EUR 800


University with over 10 000 students

Automated emergency warnings from various systems. OsaavaCERC is also used in manual alerts concerning health risks and other crisis situations and directing people which campuses are closed and where to go instead. Multiple target groups for communication.

  • Automated emergency warnings from various systems
  • Used in change communications and e.g. in communicating about Covid-19-related restrictions.
  • Several target groups in communications.

Monthly costs: starting from EUR 1.495

Industry operator with various locations.

OsaavaCERC is used actively for risk situations such as prevention of hazardous situations form weather etc. Manual messaging for multiple reasons and automated communication for file alerts etc.

  • Used actively for communication in risk and hazardous situations.
  • Integration with fire indicators, from where alarm messages are sent directly to on-site personnel with evacuation instructions.

Monthly costs: EUR 2.349
Training and other costs: EUR 3.200

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