Osaava CERC automates and helps managing

Osaava CERC is a SaaS service that automates and facilitates communications in crisis, emergency and disruptance situations. Its key functionalities are group phone calls and mass communication, and the services for their activation and administration.

In addition to automated messaging, the manual alerts function fluently and reliably.

Group calls

Group calls allows you to call to defined groups and create multidirectional communications fast, easily and without unnecessary actors.

Mass distribution of email and SMS

A mass message sent by e-mail or text message can reliably reach the desired target audience. The feature supplements the platform functionalities.

Situation awareness (real-time status)

Using information from different technologies, the status overview can be made smoothly and reliably.

Group messaging

A group message reaches the specified target group quickly and smoothly and is a useful tool to support your crisis and organizational communications.

Automations and integrations

The Osaava CERC can be integrated with other systems in order to distribute real-time messages about changes to target groups.

Alarm activation

Alarms can be activated at computer, by SMS, phone call and e-mail, or on emergency button.

Osaava API

Osaava CERC can be integrated with other systems through API, which turns communications into a comprehensive and automated function. 

phones – tablets – desktops – info screens – safety buttons – camera surveillance – fire detectors – burglary detectors – automation equipment – IoT equipment

Integrations and automations

To fully utilize all information required for communications in special situations, the CERC platform can be integrated to systems and hardware, such as telephones, computers, info screen, safety buttons, access controls, fire detectors, intrusion detectors, as well as automation and IoT equipment.

User management

The user information in Osaava CERC can be synchronized with local AD, Microsoft O365/AzureAD or with access control software. The user authentication is handled through O365, HAKA authentication or through Osaava CERC’s own authentication methods.

Osaava functionalities

* Integrations with customers services E.g.

user synchronization (E.g. CSV, AD, M365/Azure, access control) and identification (E.g. M365, HAKA) and other integrations (E.g. ISM/interVIEW-control room software, IoT, infoscreens)