Communications platform for demanding environments

Osaava CERC is a multi-channel and versatile platform for safety communications. The functionalities are developed specifically for the requirements of crisis communications, where speed, reliability and coverage are emphasized. Osaava CERC functions combined with the other key systems form a comprehensive set of communication channels. 

The Osaava CERC system speeds up and automates communication in different environments from industries to organizations in public services. Thanks to versatile functionalities and integration possibilities, it can be custom-made even for the most demanding environments. 


Reach everyone on site

The challenge at industry facilities is communication coverage: people from many different companies work simultaneously in the same area – even in thousands. Subcontractors, material suppliers and other workers visit the site by varying timetables and randomly. This is a common challenge for e.g. manufacturing industries, energy facilities and telecommunications offices. 

manufacturing industry
energy facilities

Public sector

Secure and streamline work

In public sector, the customer flow is extensive. Work’s nature and processes set requirements for work safety and efficient communications, when, for example, a risk for threat of violence is present at customer interactions. 

health care and social care
rescue and order services
cities and municipalities
educational institutions


Lääkäri, kuvituskuva

Service providers
Secure moving workers

People working alone, in alternating places and by varying timetables can be exposed to safety threats, which should be considered in planning of work safety. The workers should be able to alert quickly the right instances. 

security services
maintenance and janitor services
real-estate management

Companies and communities
Communicate confidentially within organization

In crisis and other emergency situations, there is sometimes a need to deliver critical information between different departments and people. Via secured connection the confidential information can be sent exclusively to named recipients.

Osaava CMP

Watch the video to see how Osaava works in different situations.