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Osaava CERC

Osaava CERC is a cost-efficient and reliable communications platform for crisis and organizational communications. It is used in organizations in various branches, where it serves in critical emergency situations and in internal communications comprehensively and through many channels. 

Professionals in security and technology have designed and developed the Osaava CERC specifically for large organizations and their communications in special circumstances. However, the key functionalities can be applied to and utilized in organizations of different sizes.

Versatile functionalities for communication

Emergency warnings

Send an emergency warning through multiple channels and reach your target group reliably.

Crisis management

Acquire valid situation awareness on crucial issues for crisis management and alarming.

Disruptance communication

Connect Osaava CERC to the essential systems and hardware, and enhance disruptance communication through automation.

Internal communications

Deliver confidential information or control operative functions within organization. 

Osaava CERC in various uses



manufacturing industry
energy production facilities


Public sector

health care and social care
rescue and order services
educational institutes


Service providers

security services
maintenance and janitor services
real estate management

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Companies and communities

organizations operating in various locations

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