Osaava CMP

Osaava is a communication management platform by Generics Finland Ltd  providing a cost-efficient and reliable tool for your crisis and organizational communication. Osaava’s key features include group calls and mass communication, which can be adapted to the needs of communication and crisis management of your organization.


Communication is seen as a key factor when you want to reduce risks relating to people and property. Osaava is a reliable multi-channel platform for versatile crisis and corporate communications. A variety of relevant data can be collected and merged in the system in order to obtain better overall perspective.

Osaava can be integrated for example with following systems: phones, tablets, computers, displays, safety buttons, camera systems, fire and smoke detectors, intrusion detectors, automation equipment and IoT equipment.

Watch the video for more information on Osaava in use.


Osaava enables us to build a functional and multichannel system for your enterprise for a variety of crisis and organizational communications.

Our mission

We design and implement communication together with our customers through the Osaava communication management platform. Our intention is to build an organization’s communication that can be integrated to work with customer’s other key systems (e.g. fire alarm, intrusion detectors, building automation). We have been implementing a number of effective systems for crisis and organizational communication with our customers.

Technical features

Group calls

Group calls allows you to call to defined groups and create multidirectional communications fast, easily and without unnecessary actors.

Group messages

The group message reaches the specified target group quickly and smoothly and is a useful tool to support your crisis and organizational communications.

Email and SMS mass distribution

A mass message sent by e-mail or text message can reliably reach the desired target audience. The e-mail and SMS features completes the communication system whole.

Integrations and automations

The Osaava communication system can be integrated to other systems in order to get messages about changes to the target group in realtime.

Real time status reports

Using information from different technologies, the status overview can be made smoothly and reliably.

Alarm activation

Activation of alarms can be done by computer, button, SMS, phone call or e-mail.

Key features of Osaava include group calls, mass messaging and their activation and management services.


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Phone: +358 443002795 Email: info@osaava.fi