What is a CERC platform?

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CERC comes from the words crisis, emergency and risk communication. Osaava CERC is a platform for those communication needs. With a CERC platform, e.g. companies and communities can achieve fast and reliable communication in various situations.

Osaava CERC integrates into various other safety and security systems such as fire alarms, access gates, locks and personal panic buttons. After a signal from any alarm system is received into Osaava CERC, it can then be sent to various groups within Osaava CERC platform. Commonly the alarm is sent as a SMS, email and an alert in our app. From the alert, users can typically join a secure online chat within Osaava CERC platform for further information concerning the alarm.

CERC platforms save time, when saving time saves lifes. CERC platforms help companies, communities etc. to have a faster reaction time in various situations. Osaava CERC is also used in manual communication to have better results in safety and security.

Osaava CERC in crisis communication

Osaava CERC is used in crisis communication for two key reasons.

First, to get the alarm from the situation to everyone who needs the information.

Secondly, to give added information for PR-related tasks in a crisis. Active communication in such cases has been extremely important to lessen the negative impacts when it comes to safety. PR tasks gain value from reliable communication to all groups.

Osaava CERC in emergency communication

Typically, emergency communication systems have either one-way (only alarms sent to groups) or two-way (everyone can send an alarm to anyone in the group) activities. Osaava CERC supports all ways of doing emergency communication. Depending of the situation, the alarm can be automatically sent to correct recipients, and additional people can be added into the emergency communication group easily.

Osaava CERC is used in various ways in emergency communication. Covid19 changed many situations and Osaava CERC was used in communicating the rapid changes to participants in universities and companies.

Osaava CERC in risk communication?

Many crisis communication and emergency communication situations are rapid and done automatically to have the fastest possible reaction time. Osaava CERC is also used in proactive communication to lessen the impact from various risk situations.

If a municipality knows that there will be bad weather in a given location, Osaava CERC can be used to send the required information to people who are likely to be in the area. Companies use Osaava CERC to actively send manual updates when it comes to changes in work environment. Proactive communication has been seen to be extremely beneficial to everyone.