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The 2017 terrorist attack in Manchester was the starting point for the Martyn´s Law, named after one of the victims. New law helps everyone to understand the requirements of various operators within public spaces when it comes to security and safety issues.

Osaava has been in use for such locations for years in various markets. Osaava can be used to achieve some of the requirements within Martyn´s Law. This article is not about all requirements and should only be read as a view what OsaavaCERC can solve. If you are looking for better detailed information, you can find additional links to other source at the end of the article.

Better training

One of the requirements is to have operators within public spaces to have better training for situations arising from terrorism. OsaavaCERC has been used widely in training scenarios from fire alarms to intruders. The idea in Martyn´s Law is to get everyone be better prepared for all kinds of situations. When done correctly the activities can also enhance overall safety and not just be seen as part of getting ready for terrorist attacks.

Better training for various unusual situations can help people to be more resilient. OsaavaCERC has been used to make test alarms from various situations to see how people who get the alarm react and what should be trained to have a better reaction.

Vulnerabilities and testing

Public spaces should know how they can arrange people flow in crisis. How they can react in various situations and what could be seen as most likely ways to failure. Vulnerability testing is often a part of a training situation in which OsaavaCERC has been used.

Not all vulnerabilities have to be tackled – most can be taken care of by using modern solutions and well-trained security officers.

Planning for crises

Operators who offer public spaces should have plans for situations involving terrorism. Often such situations are “known” as something like it has happened before. Thus planning for common terrorist attacks is beneficial. Also, most people involved in such planning and training feel safer than they did before such activities.

Not everyone wants to be involved in such planning as some people might be overwhelmed by the risk factors. Selecting the right key people to help in planning is a better option.

OsaavaCERC part of the anti-terrorism plan?

UK legislation has mostly had the same ideas before Martyn´s Law. However the new legislation will make it easier for everyone to understand the requirements. Probably planning for such situation even without the new law can be seen beneficial to companies.

UK legislation has been constant in the ideology behind such laws. Companies, operators and others who offer public spaces have to be able to help people.

This is usually divided into the following idea: guide-shelter-communicate

OsaavaCERC is in use in all of these. Many companies are looking to have some modern technology to help them in requirements of Martyn´s Law. OsaavaCERC can be seen as a service which helps companies to achieve those requirements.

Martyn’s Law – Guide | OsaavaCERC

In a crisis situations people need to be helped to find the best location to be. So having systems which can automatically send information for people to move towards safer locations is important in achieving better results in guiding.

Martyn´s Law – Shelter | OsaavaCERC

In a crisis there must be a plan and a way to act upon the plan when it comes to closing doors and sheltering people. Modern solutions can offer these if they are integrated into various other systems, which are possible in OsaavaCERC. Automated access gates can alert when used incorrectly and the alarm can be used to close other ways and open some while sending people on location information for getting into shelter.

Martyn´s Law – Communicate | OsaavaCERC

OsaavaCERC is a crisis, emergency and risk situation communications platform. OsaavaCERC is in use for communication in various companies, health care districts in Finland and also in multiple industries and municipalities.

Communication requirement within Martyn´s Law is such that companies need to have a way of communicating with the people on location, with workers and other possible groups of people (such as security officers). OsaavaCERC can be integrated into various other systems and is in use for such situation.

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Martyn´s Law by Nick Aldworth

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